Kelly Crisp, Strategic Communications & Development Consultant

Kelly Crisp is a strategic communications and development consultant working in New York City, Connecticut and with clients nationwide. Capitalizing on her background as a successful attorney and felony prosecutor, lobbyist and mediator, Kelly works with companies to sharpen messages, strengthen strategy, enhance relationships, and, in the end, transform companies.

She believes clear authentic communication removes barriers to understanding, which allows for a greater awareness and elevation of pressure points, translating into trust between individuals and groups. In turn, the establishment of trust allows for insightful discussions and the development of a healthy consensus, that work together to drive smart strategy.

Whether in a courtroom in front of a jury, in a statehouse testifying before lawmakers, in the media creating awareness, or working with clients, Kelly frames stories that sell and helps produce positive momentum that inspires excellence.

Kellyʼs unique experience in fast-paced and creative fields allows her to quickly plug into dynamic, multi-dimensional frameworks, understand subtleties, and offer keen insight that inspires tangible solutions. To realize results, Kelly doesn't just check a box, she sits in the box, then tunnels under the box, floats over the box and take the 360 degree tour around the box.