Chose The Fun Meetings


So, your boss has noticed that you work hard and do good work. You’re reward, a fake promotion – more work without more support staff, which will come when your new status is blessed with a formal promotion and a new title. How do you prioritize requests for time until resources catch up to your new status?

Until resources (time, talent, title) catch up to the new fake promotion, there will be a transition period that involves an abundance of meetings and demands on your time. Think of it as a city experiencing a boom in growth. The tax base hasn’t caught up to the growth — too many people and not enough of resources.

In some respects, it is what it is. There are only so many hours in the day and unless you can time travel, like Ron and Hermione in Harry Potter, you won’t be able to meet the needs of everyone. In this case, consider being kind to yourself and chose the meetings you like to attend, the ones that you can provide the greatest insight, the ones that are fun. No need to apologize because you have the perfect excuse – my calendar is jammed. The rest of the meetings will move forward without you. After the meeting, the person running the meeting can email you to debrief and provide points of interest, etc. Of course, this doesn’t apply to the “must attend” meetings and the “high profile/boss is attending” meetings, but attending the “fun meetings” should be part of the mix – without apology or guilt.

A jammed schedule is a signal that things need to change. Take concrete steps to reinvent your “I’m at the next level” schedule and allocation of resources. Smile – this is a good thing.