4 Pillars Of A Productive Meeting


Successful meetings maximize the value of every team member who attends. If you are asked to join a meeting, be prepared to make a contribution or risk your invitation being “lost in the mail.” Here is an example of a framework that a client put into practice that produced more productive meetings.

“We use our collective expertise to creatively solve problems and promote excellence. When preparing and participating in meetings, please keep in mind these four principles:

Expertise & Insight
You, and your team, are the experts in the room. Be prepared to provide facts as well as insights. To promote conversation and focus the discussion, you may choose to address weak points or areas of contention in your initial presentation.

Be an advocate for your point of view. Try to support, not defend, your position. A defensive posture tends to shut down conversation whereas a supportive posture provides for a healthy, active exchange of idea. Remain open to feedback.

Educate & Engage
Educate your audience by summarizing facts and highlighting information important to the conversation at hand. Convey information in a simple, easy to digest format. Remember, trust is established when your audience understands what you are saying and can meaningfully participate in the conversation.

Constructive Tension
We promote thought provoking dialogue, or generous skepticism, to root out weaknesses and amplify strengths. Everyone who attends the meeting should be prepared to contribute their expertise, insights and strategic vision in the form of comments and thought provoking questions.”